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In the last few years, we were busy building a wide group of logistics companies.

Now we can offer a broader service scope and cater for the smallest niche markets, with dedicated resources and in-depth competences.

Here you will find a description of the companies belonging to our group.


We are

One Group.


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Freight Forwarders and Surveyors

Mastermar Spedizioni e Controlli is an international air & sea forwarding company, based in Genoa since 1995.


Mastermar has a strong specialization in international aids, food logistics and surveys.


All activities are carried out thanks to its highly skilled staff and a constant care to customer requirements.


​Please find out more about Mastermar at

Container trucking and logistics


Contline Logistica is our dedicated trucking company.


With a growing fleet of more than 15 own trucks, 25 chassis and 2 container stackers, operating from two inland terminals conveniently located near the port of Genoa, Contline is able to provide first-class transportation solutions.


Each truck is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS positioning system, which allows our customers to know its position in real time from their web browser.






Customs Brokerage Agency

SDI - Servizi Doganali Internazionali is our in-house Customs brokerage agency.


SDI capitalizes upon the competence and professionalism built by our group since the year 1935.


SDI operates from its port offices in Genoa and La Spezia and offers customs brokerage and assistance, with a strong specialisation in reefer cargoes and perishable products, assisting our customers in thousands of phytosanitary and veterinary controls every year.

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