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Our data, your data.

We recognise the value of information technology in freight forwarding and logistics.

All our offices are networked and share real-time information.


We have multiple online connections with Customs Agencies, Port Authorities,

Ocean Carriers and Airlines.

Not only we offer direct EDI connections with our customer in order to ensure timely and accurate data transfer, but we have developed cloud-based analytics tools that allow KPI monitoring and the development of advanced business intelligence applications.






Our key offer

  • Direct data exchange with Customs and Carriers (we are INTTRA Alliance Partners).

  • Online Customer Portal providing real time information and paperless document management.

  • Cloud-based Business Intelligence solution.

  • KPI Monitoring.

  • Online Warehouse management system.

Do it Online !

Customer Portal

Business Intelligence

KPI Monitoring

Data Exchange




Incoterms 2010

Container Specifications

IMO Labels



I.T. Resources

“You will enjoy a single point of contact for all your activities, instead of having to deal with dozens of different companies.”

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